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What’s Been Stolen is site for victims of theft and robbery.  It is a free service full of useful tips and handy law enforcement contact information and it is a tool for victims to proactively find there stolen property by posting stolen items along with identifying details and any photographs, if available.  They can offer rewards if they choose.  The hope is that the local community will recognize the “merchandise” and do the right thing, helping it get back to the rightful owner.  The site has opportunities for advertisements, too. On the What's Been Stolen site, you can report your stolen items and find stolen items in cities around Washington, Oregon, California, and Canada.  Posted stolen items include:  electronics, computers, bikes, cars, vehicles, heavy equipment, cell phones, and much more.  Some persons post rewards for the return of their stolen items.

We designed and manage any major changes to whatsbeenstolen.com, while the owner maintains the day-to-day modifications and updates.  This new site is an innovative idea.  It is sure to expand with growing recognition and budget.

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