"I would rather do the right thing than make a huge salary"

We are a team that shares this common goal. Harmony Coburn is the founder of Coburn Enterprises. JoAnn Coburn-Morgan is Harmony's mother and became an active team member when the two merged households and relocated to Vancouver, WA in 2005. Our team has morphed and expanded as the business has demanded more experience and more resources. We each come to this business with the same conviction - do for others that which you would wish be done to you.

The Coburn Enterprises Team

  • Combined Experience: 60+ years in business to business sales and marketing...
  • Philosophy: "Be true to your values and the money will follow."
  • Primary Focus: "Bring a product or service to the marketplace that will not only bring our company financial rewards, but will be of great value to our end users."
  • Why Web Design and Hosting?"Because JoAnn insisted on learning how to put her business on the web and together we discovered there were a lot of people overcharging the little guy for simple services.  With my years of experience in sales and marketing and unique ability to bridge the communication gap between technology and the small business person's need to use it, it was only natural that I would launch a company like this." Harmony Coburn - Founder

Each team member has her own strengths - and this is what makes Coburn Enterprises a complete solution:

Harmony CoburnHarmony Coburn: Founder: More than 25 years in sales and marketing. Harmony's experience as a consultative sales professional allowed her to experience many different types of businesses and gain an uncanny ability to "get into the head" of her clients. This unique talent is what makes Harmony an excellent business advisor. She knows how to get in and get to know the opportunities and challenges each client faces. She also knows when to recognize when it's time to bring in other resources. In addition to working for large companies like Revlon, Harmony launched 2 resume businesses and purchased and ran a successful monthly newspaper for doll and teddy bear collectors. Long before the PC became popular, Harmony was an advocate for technology. She helped companies she worked for embrace the power of the computer for things like managing databases and reports. When working for Revlon in the mid-80s she was the first sales rep to replace what was commonly referred to as the "table cloth" (a huge paper spreadsheet that was used to do quarterly sales reports) with her own computer generated spreadsheet report. This unique mix of "geek" and "public relations guru" is what makes website design and marketing so much fun for Harmony.


JoAnn MorganJoAnn Coburn-Morgan: Partner: JoAnn was a single mother that worked two jobs for many years to support her children. JoAnn came from an era when government aid was not socially acceptable so she found other ways to make ends meet. JoAnn is a professionally trained artist who often supplemented her income by selling her artwork. JoAnn was also gifted with a genius IQ. Ironically, it wasn't until later in life she was able to enjoy this unique blend of intelligence and creativity. JoAnn transferred her artistic skills into doll restoration and became quite famous within the antique and collectible doll world for her museum quality work. Doll restoration requires a great deal of labor and equipment however, so when JoAnn and Harmony decided to merge households she cut out the restoration and kept only the sewing aspect of that business you can learn more about JoAnn's primary business at http://www.joannmorgan.com. For Coburn Enterprises, JoAnn uses her artistic talents as a graphic designer and to help our "do it yourself" web designers learn how to use the advanced features of their tools.


dianeconradDiane Conrad: User Experience Strategist and Design Lead. Harmony met Diane back in the 90s when they became roommates and shared a house together. At the time, Diane was working as a Registered Nurse. Her background included a couple of stints as a Director of Nursing and Assistant Director of Nursing in long term care settings. As life goes, Diane and Harmony lost track of each other for a few years. Around 2009, they reconnected thanks to the Internet. Their friendship resumed as if no time had passed. They were surprised and delighted to find that both had chosen a new career path and each had enthusiastically embraced internet technology and web design. Diane had made the transition by becoming a subject matter expert for a healthcare related software company. From there, due to her combined interest in healthcare and technology, she went on to gain her undergraduate degree in Health Information Management and Health Informatics. Currently, she is completing her Master of Science in Human Centered Design and Engineering (User Experience Design and Research) and will graduate this June. In addition to web design, Diane also has extensive experience in web and mobile application design. Adding her to the CE team has helped Coburn Enterprises take their clients’ web presence to a whole new professional level of success.


Karen Downing: Content Development Specialist. We met Karen while working on one of our web design projects, Leveled Books. Karen was helping the owner choose and level books. It became obvious that Karen had a strong talent in writing effective copy and we decided to ask her if she was interested in doing some freelance content development for us - she was! Karen brings an incredible writing style to our "SEO" content development that insures our clients each have unique and fresh content on their sites. Karen quickly learned how to take her wonderful words and make them search engine optimized. This is a unique skill that even the best copywriters often don't quite grasp. In addition to content development, Karen has proven herself irreplaceable in all aspects of managing our office and client relations.

melo-hamiltonMelo Hamilton: Software Maintenance and Support. Melo is like a silent partner. She quietly insures that our websites remain functional and secure by constantly checking them for security and improvement updates. In addition, Melo helps us keep a competitive edge by researching and recommending new software that might improve our client websites or our workflow. No matter what the need, she is always there with her support. We are truly blessed to have her on our team!


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Harmony Coburn - Founder

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