What is a "Truly Small Business" (TSB)?

We define "small business" differently than the U.S. Government - because we too are a truly small business. We define "small business" as perhaps one person with a dream, and maybe even another full-time job, that hopes to grow their dream or a retail or service company with a couple of employees and a unique product to take to market. Our ideal clients are generally "self-funded" and want to grow organically - we are not well suited for companies that are seeking venture capital or large bank loans. however, we can connect you to companies that are!

Our goal as your small business advisor is to bridge the gap between the sales hype and your needs. We want to help you review opportunities so that you can make the right decisions on software, location, marketing strategy, advertising budgets, product distribution channels, other consulting solutions and business advisors and many more aspects that start up entrepreneurs are often unaware they even need to consider. We are not afraid to tell you there is someone better to work with if we do not feel we are your best choice for some aspects of your business needs.

Coburn Enterprises, formerly known as SiteBuilder Now, is a web development and small business consulting firm that offers web hosting as a convenience to insure that our clients have the best resources available to meet their web hosting needs. We are a company focused on truly small business entities (TSBs) with limited start-up budgets. Our company was founded in 2001, as "SiteBuilder Now", with an eye toward providing cost competitive solutions for truly small businesses to get an online presence. Originally we simply provided "do it yourself" website - SlotsOnlineCanada.ca building software.

We still offer do it yourself website building tools at http://www.betterwebsitebuilders.com - but our core service is helping truly small businesses navigate the choices and decisions that they need to make when they consider solutions for starting and growing their small business.

We help Truly Small Businesses:

  • review website development and design options
  • determine whether or not an online store (E-Commerce) is a good choice
  • explore which electronic payment methods and merchant service solutions will best meet their needs
  • create a strategic plan for starting and running their business including but not limited to their website marketing strategies.

In the beginning our goals were simple: to provide a vehicle for small businesses to compete on the "World Wide Web". We invested our time and resources in compiling ready made solutions that allow the website client to manage their own website content to the extent they are comfortable. Since 2001 our clients have come to rely on us for much more than website development and design solutions. We still offer complete custom designed websites and we combine these solutions with our search engine optimization and marketing expertise to create successful websites for our truly small businesses that will let them meet their short and long term website marketing objectives. We have selected website development platforms that are user friendly but robust enough to support advanced programming when advanced online solutions become a requirement. We have chosen these solutions to help our clients avoid an all to common problem - paying for a beautiful website and needing it completely rebuilt in six months because the client realizes the power of online marketing and that their original "inexpensive" website will not meet their newly discovered goals.

As our relationships and reputation have grown we have expanded our services to include matching custom needs to outsourced experts, internal custom development, search engine optimization and website marketing consultations and services, complete web hosting services and domain name management.

In 2010, we decided to publicly announce other services, that we have been quietly providing to existing clients, including:

  • Small business advice for truly small business entrepreneurs
    • Determining best practices
    • Selecting your merchant services partners
    • Selecting an accounting platform
    • Determining your target market
    • Analyzing how the web can benefit your company and determining an appropriate budget for this aspect of your business launch
    • Setting goals and realistic expectations
    • Determining processes and requirements for launching and maintaining your business
    • Recommending other advisors and resources
    • Helping you consider other marketing channels
    • Networking and hiring freelance or direct employees
    • Developing off-line sales and marketing strategies
    • Negotiating contracts and setting policies and procedures
    • Helping you determine when other professionals (such as attorneys) should be engaged
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Content Development
  • Social Media strategies and implementation
  • Keyword and market opportunity research and consulting
  • Website monetization
  • Google Ads campaign management
  • Local Advertising - leveraging free and inexpensive advertising opportunities in your industry or geographical area
  • Integrated newsletter solutions
  • Blogging and social media communications
  • Development of basic marketing tools such as business cards and brochures
  • Negotiating with graphic designers and programmers when needed or recommended
  • and much more...

It has been our experience that there are many areas that start up and TSB owners simply don't know much about. In consulting with businesses that come to us for "websites" we have discovered that there is a serious need for a truly small business advisor.

We help small businesses sort through the minutia of the small business start up and initial growth phases

We help you ask yourself the right questions, research the opportunities and determine where and how to invest your start up dollars as well as your energy.

We meet many talented people that are ready to "launch" their product or idea but have no clue where to start. Because of our experience, we can guide you from idea to implementation. When you choose to hire us as your consulting company, we will help you determine your smartest marketing strategies and help you develop systems to help you reach your target markets.

With our eye toward transitioning away from the SiteBuilder Now brand to Coburn Enterprises, we are no longer promoting our web hosting and domain name registration services to the general public. Instead, we are keeping our servers optimized for our personal development clients. We are also not accepting any new clients that wish for us to manage an existing website hosted on another server and not designed by us.

We currently offer the following types of website development services:

  1. Do it Yourself  - (100% do-it-yourself - limited tutorials available. Training and support can be purchased) - Using the Coburn Enterprises Better Website Builders Tool Box you can select from three "do it yourself" software platforms that each offer a large variety of  pre-built templates. For advanced users there are several templates that allow you to create a very customized look and feel. To learn more about our "Do it yourself from start to finish" solutions please visite http://www.betterwebsitebuilders.com

  2. Custom designed, database driven websites using either Joomla! or WordPress Content Management Systems as the foundation and, if needed custom programming can be used to create advanced solutions. Launching your website with one of these tools will allow you to grow your website to whatever level you wish. Each of these core software solutions has it's own features and benefits. During the initial consultation we will help you determine which platform will best suit your needs now and long term.

We recommend:

  • Joomla! software which can provide for clients whose plans include involvement in advanced online communities, advanced newsletter tools or complicated e-commerce solutions. 
  • WordPress is a popular "blogging" software which can also be used to create a very easy to manage fully functional website with simple newsletter tools, simple e-commerce and many other popular "widgets" that are being requested more and more by our clients.

We have the ability to advise you on or provide Search Engine Optimization, copy writing, content development as well as offer you consulting, support and management of a variety of web marketing solutions including, but not limited to Google Ad Words, Ad Sense, Base, Google Places (previously Google Local), Social Networking (Facebook, MySpace, Linked-In, Blogs, Groups) and many other "free" and low-cost tools that will help you grow your website's popularity, traffic and revenue/results.

We can review proposals that you receive from merchant service providers, advertising and marketing companies, graphic designers, printers and many other companies to help you determine which ones can best meet your needs.

What we are not:

  • We are not a good resource for the advanced programmer or the do-it-yourself-er looking for free support or root/shell access to our servers.
  • We are not interested in "shared revenue" opportunities (i.e., we will not build your website for free and hope to recover our costs by taking a percentage of your sales).

We are featured in the National Website Design Directory.

We also have a loyal client base that we encourage you to contact to learn more about how we have helped them and why they choose to maintain their relationships with us.

From choosing a merchant services provider to hiring your first employee, our experience will help you develop a strategy and make business choices that you can live with now and in years to come.

Contact Us

Harmony Coburn - Founder

Local Vancouver WA: (360) 721-1017

Email: Harmony *at* CoburnEnterprises *dot* Com

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